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New drawing finished

4 March, 2010 (11:07) | drawing, sketches | No comments

Colton picking up a weight

Finally finished and framed this new drawing of Colton. It is pencil and charcoal on cover stock. Always feels good to finish a project. Let me know what you think.

Audio sketch #2

20 February, 2010 (01:22) | Fender, New song, The rock music | No comments

Buzz is wide awake on drums for an early morning jam. I am working the Fender Telecaster. The first section is a bluesy rock groove with a Bill Lawrence single coil which gives that throaty sound. The second part is more of my signature sound with a double coil pickup. Audio sketch #2 means unrehearsed, a little rough but liked the feel. Hope to put them into song forms.

Jam day with Ethon on drums

1 February, 2010 (16:02) | Fender, The rock music | No comments

Just a snippit from a first jam. Ethon has a great drum setup with double bass, hi hats on either side so he can play with either hand. Good times. I brought the telecaster to the party.

This is my first audio sketchpad!

29 January, 2010 (22:57) | guitars, Martin guitar, New song, sketches | 1 comment

The sketchpad is where I put down ideas. So this is the new music sketchpad, a way to try out new music. Maybe they become songs maybe not. Feel good enough to record the ideas.

And it is my first acoustic effort here. The guitar is my Martin D-15. Check it out.

A breath of fresh air

13 January, 2010 (16:47) | Fender, New song | No comments

Finally got to jam a little on some new music. Felt great, the music was sexy. Telecaster was in fine form. More music soon please.

Jam day, a couple of new ideas to bang around

12 November, 2009 (16:47) | Fender, guitars, New song, The rock music | No comments

Yes, I’m working with my tele today. First idea uses the bridge pickup, a Dimarzio. The second part starts with a riff using the neck pickup a Bill Lawrence single coil. Bouncy. Singing mostly for the rhythm of it. Bzzz is using some electronic pads just for the ease of it. Not to mention the quick change of drum sounds.

Sketches for your viewing pleasure

30 September, 2009 (00:59) | drawing, sketches | No comments

Waiting for a train

Here is a sketch waiting for a train in Montreal, black ink pen.

This is a guy I saw walking on Oak St. beach in Chicago. Black ink pen. He would make a great cartoon character.

Making new music today

25 September, 2009 (08:47) | The rock music | No comments

Jamming today at home. My home is my castle. It’s not too ostentatious do you think?

Hey I’m a goof what of it. This one is actually in England.

New music anyway..

Fly with me. New original song.

18 September, 2009 (15:52) | guitars, New song, She broke up with me, The rock music | No comments

Hey how’s everyone today?

So this girl broke up with me, probably deserved it. But I get to write about it in a song.
This is the result. And it made me want to get out of Dodge so much that I moved to New York for a couple of years.

Until another girl broke up with me. Hey I never wrote that song…

Original song, Tonight We Ride

3 August, 2009 (00:03) | Gibson, guitars, New song, The rock music | No comments

John Grey explorer is the guitar. Love this guitar, love the feel of the neck. It has a Gibson Les Paul thickness with an ebony fretboard. Just feels great. Big piece of mahogany with lots of sustain.

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