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Band The 3 Out In The Street

18 September, 2012 (13:50) | Fender, guitars, The rock music | No comments

The band is now called The 3. We played a set at a block party in Glen Ellyn last Saturday. Had a lot of fun. It was a perfect day.

Black Daddy is working on a CD

25 April, 2011 (11:10) | Fender, Gibson, guitars, Martin guitar, New song, The rock music | No comments

We have been recording for a couple of weeks. And you can hear some of our first results here. Using my Mesa Boogie 1 x 12 amp for this project. It is sounding pretty large. Set up in a closet two rooms over to get some separation and keep out the bleed through. In addition, […]

Vibe show was excellent

16 March, 2011 (10:50) | Fender, guitars, New song, The rock music | No comments

Black Daddy played their first show at Vibe in Highland Park on the 26th of February. Did a set of originals. Great crowd. Driving the Daisies had a CD release that night and Just Groove played a set of super funk. Too much fun. Soon as I can get my hands on some video I’ll […]

Where I’ve been

26 November, 2010 (16:26) | guitars, The rock music | No comments

Finally got a bass player and a bonus. He’s really good! My last side project fell apart when two of the players moved to opposite coasts. And it was just getting good. This is a better situation. Buzz on drums, I’m playing guitar and Mark Tulloss on bass. Buzz and I have played together almost […]

New guitar riff this week-audio sketch 3

23 March, 2010 (22:04) | Fender, guitars, The rock music | No comments

This week the telecaster is out to play. Something about this that I like

This is my first audio sketchpad!

29 January, 2010 (22:57) | guitars, Martin guitar, New song, sketches | 1 comment

The sketchpad is where I put down ideas. So this is the new music sketchpad, a way to try out new music. Maybe they become songs maybe not. Feel good enough to record the ideas. And it is my first acoustic effort here. The guitar is my Martin D-15. Check it out.

Jam day, a couple of new ideas to bang around

12 November, 2009 (16:47) | Fender, guitars, New song, The rock music | No comments

Yes, I’m working with my tele today. First idea uses the bridge pickup, a Dimarzio. The second part starts with a riff using the neck pickup a Bill Lawrence single coil. Bouncy. Singing mostly for the rhythm of it. Bzzz is using some electronic pads just for the ease of it. Not to mention the […]

Fly with me. New original song.

18 September, 2009 (15:52) | guitars, New song, She broke up with me, The rock music | No comments

Hey how’s everyone today? So this girl broke up with me, probably deserved it. But I get to write about it in a song. This is the result. And it made me want to get out of Dodge so much that I moved to New York for a couple of years. Until another girl broke […]

Original song, Tonight We Ride

3 August, 2009 (00:03) | Gibson, guitars, New song, The rock music | No comments

John Grey explorer is the guitar. Love this guitar, love the feel of the neck. It has a Gibson Les Paul thickness with an ebony fretboard. Just feels great. Big piece of mahogany with lots of sustain.

Big Time, a new original song

19 June, 2009 (12:48) | Gibson, guitars, New song, The rock music | No comments

Ahh back to the black Les Paul. Sweet stock humbucker in front with cover removed, Dimarzio in back. You’re in the big time too.

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