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Band The 3 Out In The Street

18 September, 2012 (13:50) | Fender, guitars, The rock music | No comments

The band is now called The 3. We played a set at a block party in Glen Ellyn last Saturday. Had a lot of fun. It was a perfect day.

Black Daddy is working on a CD

25 April, 2011 (11:10) | Fender, Gibson, guitars, Martin guitar, New song, The rock music | No comments

We have been recording for a couple of weeks. And you can hear some of our first results here. Using my Mesa Boogie 1 x 12 amp for this project. It is sounding pretty large. Set up in a closet two rooms over to get some separation and keep out the bleed through. In addition, […]

Vibe show was excellent

16 March, 2011 (10:50) | Fender, guitars, New song, The rock music | No comments

Black Daddy played their first show at Vibe in Highland Park on the 26th of February. Did a set of originals. Great crowd. Driving the Daisies had a CD release that night and Just Groove played a set of super funk. Too much fun. Soon as I can get my hands on some video I’ll […]

New guitar riff this week-audio sketch 3

23 March, 2010 (22:04) | Fender, guitars, The rock music | No comments

This week the telecaster is out to play. Something about this that I like

Audio sketch #2

20 February, 2010 (01:22) | Fender, New song, The rock music | No comments

Buzz is wide awake on drums for an early morning jam. I am working the Fender Telecaster. The first section is a bluesy rock groove with a Bill Lawrence single coil which gives that throaty sound. The second part is more of my signature sound with a double coil pickup. Audio sketch #2 means unrehearsed, […]

Jam day with Ethon on drums

1 February, 2010 (16:02) | Fender, The rock music | No comments

Just a snippit from a first jam. Ethon has a great drum setup with double bass, hi hats on either side so he can play with either hand. Good times. I brought the telecaster to the party.

A breath of fresh air

13 January, 2010 (16:47) | Fender, New song | No comments

Finally got to jam a little on some new music. Felt great, the music was sexy. Telecaster was in fine form. More music soon please.

Jam day, a couple of new ideas to bang around

12 November, 2009 (16:47) | Fender, guitars, New song, The rock music | No comments

Yes, I’m working with my tele today. First idea uses the bridge pickup, a Dimarzio. The second part starts with a riff using the neck pickup a Bill Lawrence single coil. Bouncy. Singing mostly for the rhythm of it. Bzzz is using some electronic pads just for the ease of it. Not to mention the […]

Tune it down to Sexy

3 June, 2009 (23:15) | Fender, guitars, New song, The rock music | No comments

Here is a new idea I’m working on. It’s what I do and what I’m working on. So let’s all tune it down to sexy and let’s play all day. A new original song. Cha.

Some music today, “I’ve Got Wood”.

15 May, 2009 (13:57) | Fender, guitars, New song, The rock music | No comments

First verse and chorus for “I’ve Got Wood”. I’m playing the Telecaster from 1971 and Bzzz is on the SPD 20. No stripped down kit, just the SPD. We most often use a hi hat and snare with the SPD for rehearsal. I am playing through a Marshall tube amp with a straight front 4×12 […]

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