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Month: September, 2009

Sketches for your viewing pleasure

30 September, 2009 (00:59) | drawing, sketches | No comments

Here is a sketch waiting for a train in Montreal, black ink pen. This is a guy I saw walking on Oak St. beach in Chicago. Black ink pen. He would make a great cartoon character.

Making new music today

25 September, 2009 (08:47) | The rock music | No comments

Jamming today at home. My home is my castle. It’s not too ostentatious do you think? Hey I’m a goof what of it. This one is actually in England. New music anyway..

Fly with me. New original song.

18 September, 2009 (15:52) | guitars, New song, She broke up with me, The rock music | No comments

Hey how’s everyone today? So this girl broke up with me, probably deserved it. But I get to write about it in a song. This is the result. And it made me want to get out of Dodge so much that I moved to New York for a couple of years. Until another girl broke […]